Chapter 3 Exercise

Today, I finished the chapter 3 exercise that challenges you to look at your past week and see where you spend your time.

First off, the exercise tells you to name three goals. Mine are learning about film making and films, to become healthier, and happiness.

The results of this exercise showed me that even though I do set aside a good amount of time to achieve my goals, I still need to improve some of my older habits that force me to spend my time on things that are less important. First off, I noticed that I spend too much time watching television, especially on the weekend. Ever since I was a kid, watching TV has always been great way to relax for a couple of hours. However, today it just gets in the way of the things that I am trying to do. Also, I don’t spend enough time exercising, which is a goal that I have recently set out to do. I also feel that I need to give myself more time to focus on my main goal, learning about film making. I need to find the time to read and watch more films.

This activity was eye opening for me. Knowing where to spend your time is very important. It helps you become a more organized person. It has also made me aware of how important time really is, because time is all we really have. You should use it, to your full potential.

Chapter 4

For me, the most important thing that I learned in this chapter was what the author wrote about Scheduling your Activities.

The steps that were given are…

-See the whole project

-Break it down into steps

– Break those steps down into activities

-Schedule those activities

When I first read this list, this made so much sense for me. By following these steps, I feel like this will simplify my own film projects. By following this, you are forced to sit down and spend time just to organize what you must do in order to successfully complete your project. Once you have listed all of your activities and steps, you just have to do it. I think that this lesson will definitely help me focus better on larger projects.