This was a very engaging chapter which main focus was on how to finally put your thoughts and ideas into action. The authour made some excellent points that I will discuss.

Divergent Thinking

When the author began to describe how right brained people are “scatterbrained” in their thinking, this made me realize how right brained I am. I always see everything that has to be done in order to finish my school work or make a short film project, however, trying to focus on all the specific things that I must do can be hard, but I always manage to finish my work. Understanding how your brain works and how you can work through it is very gratifying.

How to Look at Time

One topic in this book that I feel that the author is very good at explaining is the importance of time. In this chapter I particularly thought that these two points that the author mad were great.

-Thinking about the amount of time your work will take you, and orgainize your day around that

-Utilize what you feel are the “best” times for you to do your work

I feel that people have to always be aware of your time and how you use it because if you don’t, you’ll probably not be able to achieve your goals as well as you would want to.


I think that this part of the chapter is very important for many of us in school to learn. As filmmakers, the fact is that you need to work very well with others. Success is based on how well everybody can collaborate with each other in order to make the most effective film as possible. As an aspiring director myself,  this part of the chapter reminded me of a great piece of advice that I once heard that was said by the great director Milos Forman. I’m paraphrasing here but it went something like “as a director you should know a little about everything in film making, however in order to make great films, you must hire somebody that is better than you in every single important position in your crew.” If people try to do everything by themselves without using anybodies help, you will most likely do a worse job than you would if you had a large crew of people.

Thank you for reading this week blog, hope you enjoyed it!