Chapter 6 was a very eye opening chapter for me. The overall message or theme that I got from this chapter is that it’s very important for people to pay attention to what you have to do, and to pay attention to what you are doing right now. It helps to know the things that you are doing in your life that waste your time. Finding them will help you change for the better.

Personally for me, it was television. I used to watch a lot of television. However I realized that in order to do better in school and to get more work done, I obviously have to watch less. This was a bit hard for me at first  (because watching TV everyday is a habit that I developed strongly for many years) but know I am happy that i did it. I have basically freed up time that I spend to do my goals. You want to try to do as many things that help you achieve your goals as you can. The first thing that you can do is to critically look at the thinks that you already do.

I also enjoyed the little exercise at the end of the chapter, where you are supposed to write two things that you feel that you can’t do. Then by changing the word can’t, to don’t, then to won’t, then finally to can, it shows me that what really blocks people from achieving their goals, is themselves. We must remember that people have the ability to do amazing things. Just a change to a more optimistic and positive attitude can help you believe that you can in fact do those great things that you want to do:)