This chapter talks about being disorganized and how that affects the way you do your work.

As a right brained person myself, I must admit that I am kind of a clutter bug. My binders are messy, my room is messy, even the computer that I am typing this post on is kind of a disaster. However, I have learned to accept my messiness, and have unconsciously developed a system that I understand. Frankly, I never worry about where everything is. I know where my cell phone, and my school bag is in my mess. I have never really had to suffer these kinds of problems. Yes, maybe once in a while I might misplace something, but it is rare for me to lose anything.

A point in this chapter that the author makes that I think is great is that you must find time to orgainze yourself. I know when things get a bit to mess, and I start to feel a bit uncomfortable, I clean it up. When you clean up and organize your things, you will feel a lot more comfortable, and most importantly, you will prepare yourself to start working on your important goals.