Wow, this was actually kind of a fun chapter to read. The reason why is because I never worry with the problems that this chapter talks about.

Basically, this chapter describes after your done cleaning, where should you put your stuff, and the best way to organize it.

A point that I really enjoyed reading about in this chapter also is how to be creative about creating space to put your things away. Like a detective, you must look in every part of your room to find space to put you belongings. Ask yourself questions. Can I put this here? Can a put a shelf here to hold all my belongings?

As I explained in the beginning of this post, I never have a problem with where I put my things. I have always grouped everything.

My Blu-ray’s are all neatly stacked (in order of the each director’s) on my nice shelf. My books are on the shelf underneath my Blu-ray shelf. My clothes hang in my closet and are are also in my dresser. Everything important that I have is grouped together and neatly organized somewhere in my room. I feel great that I am doing something right!

However on a final note, I do not agree with the author’s  “Arbie Bedroom Theory.” I am an Arbie, and I love my shelves, and closet. Without them, my room would be a disaster that I would feel very uncomfortable in.