This chapter brings up a very interesting conflict for people trying to become organized.

The question of “What to should I keep, and what should I get rid of?”

This is a question that some people go nuts over. My brother is somebody who struggles with this problem. He doesn’t throw anything away. He keeps every single thing that he has and scatters it around his room. I find it crazy at how he can do that, because I don’t have that strong urge to keep everything of mine (or at least not as strong as him).

Today, the conflict that I am facing is where I am sitting right now. My desk. I keep everyting on my desk. My computer, wallet, headphones, wrist watch, Blu-ray player, textbooks, batteries, papers, cables, lottery tickets, potato chips, and even my trusty collectible side kick Woody action figure.

Now just looking at it right know, my desk has become a total mess. As of late, I have had no time to organize anything on here (due to our directing projects). However, after reading this chapter, I have gained a better sense of how I can clean my desk up. I know for a fact that 25 percent of this stuff is garbage. There is always some kind of garbage on my desk. I should sort through that and trow it away immediately. I also know at least 15 percent of this stuff can be put some place else. Heck, there is even some stuff on here that isn’t mine (like a paint brush).

So, I know that I must now sort thorugh all of this stuff. Then, I must decide to keep only what I need, but get rid of everything else.

Finally I’m done this blog, and I’m going to clean my desk up now.