In this chapter that is all about organizing paper, I realized one thing. We are relying on paper less then ever before. With computers being so prevalent in out lives, many of the things that we used to put on paper are now computer files, stored on our hard drives. Generally, the problem of unorganized paper is becoming less of a problem than it used to be, but it is still an important thing that we all should focus on.

Personally, I do face some paper dis-organization. They are mostly personal things such as work slips, taxes, OSAP/ college papers, school work, and receipts. I am right brained, but for the past few years (since I have been going to work/school) I have developed my own system for organizing papers.

Overall, I agreed with most of what the chapter had to say. The one point that really stood out for me in this chapter was the point that the author made about visualization. They mention that it is a good thing to visualize a clean room when you are beginning to clean it. I total agree with this point. By doing this, you think of the end goal that you are trying to achieve. This is also a great way to motivate yourself.

I also feel that this is a great way to look at mostly everything in your life. Personally, I want to be a successful filmmaker. If I can’t see myself as a successful filmmaker, then I will probably stop, and become an accountant or something else that’s boring. But the fact that I could see myself as a filmmaker one day, I am motivated. This motivation will help me develop a strong desire to work hard and one day, hopefully become that successful filmmaker.

You must look past your current situation, and be willing to see the positive side of things, whether it is to just clean your room, or what job you want to have.