While there are many things that don’t relate to me personally in this chapter (coupons, photo’s, clipboards) there is one thing that did. The author talks about having a “Management Center” or a place that will be kind of the main area where you keep many of your personal things.

My Management Center (I like to think of it more like a Command Center) is my computer desk. I literally keep mostly every important think that I have there. Obviouly, first is my computer, but on the desk itself, I keep my wallet, watch, iPod, and car keys. On the floor, against my desk, I keep my school bag. On the desk, I also put important papers, like schools assignments, and recent receipts. I feel that it is a great thing to have a Management Center. It gives me a great sense of security, to know that all of my important things are in that one specific place.

As for more personal papers (that I described in my last post a bit) my computer desk and the shelves in my bedroom are more than enough for me to organize them. I have many of shelves above my computer desk, and also in my room. I have developed a system where I put all my personal papers in either binders, or large envelopes. I also make sure to label all of them.

This is the way I organize my personal papers and I understand that everybody else (especially right brained people) have their own specific ways of organizing their papers. To become truly organized, you must organize things the way that you feel is best.