So first, I apologize that I have begun this so late. It has been a struggle for me to get a good idea of what I want to do for my next year thesis script.

So, to start off this assignment, let me tell you about my basic story first. My story will be about a guy (who works as a driver) who drives around a high class “escort” one night. The main characters name is Jason. I was first influenced to create a story in a specific genre, a crime neo-noir thriller. I am influenced by films such as, Drive, Pulp Fiction, Collateral, and Taxi Driver.

With my main character of Jason, the main idea that I had for him is to put a man, who is trapped in a beautiful place (in this case, a city at night). My main intention is to create a character who is stuck in a world that he doesn’t want to live in. His circumstances force him to live their though. In this case, it is the world of crime.

The way I went about creating this character is at first, looking at myself. I, like many people, have felt a certain detachment with the place that i live in. Growing up, everything was just a little different for me. You see, I was raised with a Polish heritage, while all of my friends were raised with an Italian one. Most of them (if not all) were pretty well off: me not so much. They all played ice hockey, I couldn’t. These are the differences that made me feel detached from where I lived. While this is in the past, and I don’t have anymore of these feelings, I do understand them.

I try to make all of my characters personal. From my point of view, I feel that they have to be. I either look at myself, or to others to influence what kind of characters I create.