So now, the last chapter in the book. One that I found to be a bit anti-climactic, so what I will also do is discuss the last conclusion of the book because frankly, I found that last page and a half way more interesting that this whole chapter.

Well, while I did just bash this chapter for being a bit boring, it still does talk about an important part of organizing, organizing with others. Most people will have to deal with this issue because most of us live with others. I think the main (and really only) thing that you should understand from this chapter is that you must find a way to work with others, and not work against them. It is easy for there to be conflict when organizing with others, but take a different approach by working together to achieve the same goal.

So now, let me talk about the final conclusion of this book. The author summarizes what the purpose of this book should be. This book should help you understand yourself, and that you should use that understanding to achieve your goals. Personally, I have learned that I am very right brained. I have also learned that organization is a key to success.

But the thing is, if you put the messages of the book into action, will they work? From my personal experience they have. When forcing myself to see where I spend my time, I found myself watching to much television. So now, I watch much less, and am more productive. I have also focused on the goals that are important to me. School obviously is one, but another one that I haven’t focus one in a while is my health. This semester, I have started eating better, eating a bit less, and I have begun exercising. I have lost about 15 pounds since the end of September.

By the way, I am not crediting the book only for making me start to exercise and stop watching television. It was a combination of many things. but what this book did for me (and I hope for others also) is that it got me thinking about my goals, and organization. That thinking then leads to action, which then leads to accomplishment of your goals!

(Thank you Susan for making us buy this book, I enjoyed reading it.)