All I know of Jason’s background is that he had a so so childhood. He had parents that loved him but they never had much money. His father is now dead, his mother lives with him and is on welfare. I don’t know too much more than that right now.

Now I am just going to list the five W’s that make up Jason.

Who – Jason is single and lonely, he’s struggling to make a decent living as a driver/enforcer in organized crime, he’s quiet but not shy, he has no real interests other than maybe listening to music, he has no real strong desire to get up every morning.

Where – He lives in a crumby apartment in a mediocre part of the city. He has lived in this part of city for his whole life. He has never gone far outside from his home (he’s never been on a vacation).

What – Jason’s main dilemma is one that he has with himself. While this is not a love story, Jason’s conflict has to do with love. He doesn’t truly love himself. He feels that he needs to achieve a certain status in life (more wealth, a partner, etc.) in order to fill this void. He is lacking that self love, and he is always unconsciously seeking it. A lot of this has to do with his childhood. He was born into a family that barely had enough money to survive. He doesn’t want that problem. His dream as a child was to own his own restaurant, but that looks like its not going to happen.

When – We find Jason in his Mid 20’s, just as he is beginning to settle into a life of crime, and just as he is beginning to lose all the hope in all of his childhood dream.

Why – Jason is now  part of organized crime. With everyday that passes by, he is slowly losing his desire to live. He’s not suicidal, but depressed. He is beginning to feel worthless, because there is no need for him to exist. The world won’t be different without him. In this story, Jason will be forced to deal with a moment in his life where he will have to regain his confidence, and challenge himself to accomplish something important (I don’t know what yet, unfortunately). You see, what I want to show with Jason is that only he himself, has the power to fix his problems.

The reason why I want to write a story about a character like this is because I feel that at my age, most people have to make a decision of what you want to do with your life. While Jason is an extreme example, I feel that I relate to him because of this. I want to be a filmmaker. I know that it will not be easy and that I will struggle with some hardships, but I will persevere in order to do what I love. For me, taking that step to becoming a filmmaker was scary, but I have accepted it. Taking that next step is the main inner struggle that both me and Jason face. The only difference between me and Jason however is that he hates himself for not achieving his main goal yet.