To start this post of, first I just want to empasis the fact that while these people are important influencing characters, they don’t matter to Jason as much anymore. Jason is lonely. He has also chosen to become lonely (sub-consciously) as a way of trying to forget his past. He chooses to have as little contact with these people as he can.

Jason’s Mother (Will not be in the film)

She was a great mother to Jason but after her husband got cancer and eventually died, she has not been the same. She is now unemployed, and on welfare. She lives with Jason because she couldn’t afford to live in her own house anymore. She is even becoming an alcoholic to try to cope with her husband’s death. She is trying to suppress all of her feelings of grief and loss inside, which is tearing her apart. She is also a physical reflection of how Jason is beginning to feel about his life emotionally.

Jason’s Best Friend, Paul (Might be in the film)

He is Jason’s best and only childhood friend. They met in elementary school, and went through elementary and high school together. He is the only real friend that Jason really had. Also, Jason is seeing Paul less than he used to. Paul was able to go to college, get a job, and make a decent living. Paul has even has his own house. They still occasionally see each other, but they are slowly becoming more distant. Paul is disappointed with who Jason is becoming. Jason knows this, but doesn’t care.

Jason’s Father (Will not be in the film)

Jason’s father died when Jason was 19 years old. He worked as a cook in a hotel restaurant. He worked as a cook for his whole life, and died from lung cancer when he was in his mid 50’s. His death affected Jason because Jason was very close to his father (probably more than his mother). Jason looked up to his father, because his father had a great attitude was caring, and never complained about life. Jason wanted to be like his father.Jason’s hope to one day own his own restaurant died when his father passed away. Of these people, Jason’s father was the most influential.