Three influential events in Jason’s life…

1. This event would obviously be the death of Jason’s father. At 19, Jason felt that he lost his father to early. It was a devastating tragedy for him. Not only did Jason lose a parent, but also a mentor, and a person to look up to. This was a huge turning point in his life. This event did not just fill Jason with sadness and grief, but also with confusion. He simply doesn’t know what to do next in his life without his father. He looked up to him in every aspect of his life. Jason still misses him, and it just hurts him to realize that his father will never come back. Unfortunately, Jason isn’t able to realize that it’s time for him to take control of his own life. His father would have wanted that.

2. This event, while not as significant as the first one, is an event that is a great example of what Jason has had to deal with as a child in a poor household. One winter day, Jason came home from school to realize that his house if freezing. He soon realizes that the power has been shut off in his house. For two days, Jason and his family are left without power. They simply couldn’t afford to pay it. It is simple but powerful events like this in his childhood that have developed Jason’s attitude into being a pessimistic one.

3. I am not sure exactly what this event will be but it will be in this story, when he finally decides to leave the city and start a new life. Jason is going to a personal struggle with the people around him, the city that he lives in, and with himself. In this story, Jason will finally realize a couple of things. First, that he has the power to control his own life. Second, that his father will never come back. And finally, that the way things are right now will not change, unless he himself changes first. By being put through difficult circumstances, Jason will face and get through these struggles and hopefully start a new life.