Here, I will list the external and the internal goals for Jason.

Jason’s External Goals

To have a nice car.

To have nice clothes.

To have a good job.

To get a new house.

To have more money.

All of these goals have to do with money. The fact is that Jason does not make a lot of money and that he is not a position to get a job that will get him a lot of money. Or at least that is how Jason feels. For Jason, these goals seem unattainable.

Jason’s Internal Goals

To feel content with himself.

To not have to worry about money.

To meet a partner.

To live somewhere else.

To be different than he is right now.

To be happy.

Overall, Jason is very uncomfortable with himself. He is not happy, he is not content with his life so far. He has become pessimistic, depressed, and angry. His thinking is totally negative. He has developed a terrible attitude about his life. He can’t stand looking at himself in the mirror.But the thing is, he wants to change. He knows that this is not the way to live, but he doesn’t have any desire to change.

He feels that if a nice girl came into his life, things might change. She would open his eyes, re-energize him, and change his life for the better. But he doesn’t date.

Also, sub-consciously anyway, we are all looking for happiness in our lives. The fact that Jason isn’t happy, only makes him feel only worse.


For Jason, while he does have external struggles, it is the internal ones that dominate his life. He is trying to suppress those internal struggles with material things. All of his external goals are based on material things. He wants things that he has never been able to have (A nice car, wealth). He believes that if he does get those external goals, that the internal ones will go away. The thing that he doesn’t understand is that they won’t.